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15 March 2006 @ 12:32 am
Brandywine421's danglies offering: The Mission.  
Okay peeps. It's getting late here but I had to finish my danglies fic, okay? I shall be posting it any minute now - but first let me bring you not one, but two (okay - there will be two posts) offerings from the gorgeous and delightful brandywine421 who is currently taking a little hiatus from LJ and has asked me to host her dangliefic.

Lest you worry, it's not for any bad reasons - Brandy wants a break from the net, so she can focus a bit more on sorting her RL, reviving her social life and generally not being shackled to her computer 24/7. It's not permanent, and she'll still be lurking (and emailing). She sends greetings and best wishes for the International Danglies Day.

As do I - with a double salute: first of all to the wonder that is Ben's groin (All Hail Benm's groin!); and to the wise and enlightened ruler who established this day of celebrations. All Hail Queen Cheekymice!

Now without further ado, to the first of these - which proves that we are indeed one-track minded, because you will agree that it shares uncanny similarities with the latest southerngirl22. Uncanny, because I've had the completed fic on my computer since late afternoon my time, and caught SG's fic some time this late evening, so there's no question of plagiarism - this is truly great minds thinking alike.

Ah well, such is the nature of obsession.

OOOkay - are you ready for the onslaught? Because I give you...

The Mission

Author: brandywine421
Rating: NC-17.
Featuring - Ryan, his organ, and many curious women.
Disclaimer: None of these people are ours, but we so like playing with them...

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Seth asked for the third time.

“Shut up, Cohen. You said you wanted to spice up our sex life, and porn is spicy. It’s going to be fine. Why, you think you’re not going to live up to the film?” Summer teased, waving the unmarked DVD in front of him.

“I just don’t want you to hit me if it turns me on,” Seth replied.

“It’s supposed to turn us both on. It’ll be fun,” Summer shrugged, loading the player.

He patted the bed beside him and she climbed on.

She was hot in her silky pink teddy and Seth couldn’t wait to make love to her. He didn’t need porn to get off as much anymore, but he loved a good flick as much as anyone.

He reached over to massage her breast but she slapped his hand away. “Wait until we get through the cheesy credits at least. I don’t want to waste the rental fee,” she added.

He rolled his eyes and focused on the screen.

“The main guy’s name is Dick Pounder,” Summer giggled. “He has to be good.”

The movie opened with a slutty looking teacher standing in front of a blackboard in a classroom.

“Class dismissed,” she said.

“God, she only had one line so far and her acting sucks,” Seth said, but his dick had stiffened due to the flash of her cleavage alone.

“Mr. Pounder, can you stay after class? We need to talk about your marks,” she said and a blond head from the back of the room nodded.

The teacher walked over and closed the door and locked it.

“Mrs. Chaton?”

“Close the blinds, Dick,” the teacher said.

“There’s no way we’re supposed to believe that man’s still in high school,” Summer said. “Why would they do a film about students when the actors are so old?”

Seth watched the man pull down the blinds. He looked…familiar.

“How would you like some extra credit?” the teacher asked, sitting on the desk and flashing her shaved pussy as her skirt rode up around her waist.

“I love extra credit,” Dick said.

The camera flashed his face for a moment and Seth felt his dick twitch.

Summer reached over and massaged his erection through his boxers, ignoring the movie for a moment.

But Seth couldn’t look away.

Onscreen, ‘Dick’ had pulled down his jeans to show a massive bulge in his boxers. The teacher licked her lips and slid off the desk to her knees.

“I might need extra credit after this,” she said, tugging his boxers down to reveal the biggest dick that Seth had ever seen.

“Oh god, that thing is huge!” Summer remarked, her attention rapt on the screen again.

And then Seth was sure when they showed the actor’s face again.

“Oh my god…is that Ryan?” Summer asked. She scrambled off the bed to stand up close to the TV as the teacher struggled to take Dick’s, um, dick between her pink lips.

Mrs. Chaton could only get about half of Dick’s length into her mouth and she looked up at him before starting her work.

“God, Seth, that’s Ryan!” Summer continued.

Seth knew. He couldn’t say anything. And his dick was painfully hard. He had no idea that Ryan was hiding such a monster in his pants.

“Mmm, that’s good…suck it,” Ryan said onscreen, putting his hand in the woman’s hair and forcing more of his dick into her mouth.

He held her steady and started thrusting into her mouth as she struggled to take it into her throat.

She let his member out of her mouth and licked its full length teasingly before dipping her head to take his balls into her mouth, the image of Ryan’s dick against her cheek reemphasizing its size.

“Get on the desk,” Ryan said.

The teacher pulled her top down to reveal huge silicone breasts which Ryan attacked immediately with his mouth. He fisted his throbbing dick as he sucked her nipples and pushed his other fingers into her cunt.

“We have to stop watching this,” Seth said.

“What?” Summer turned around and her nipples were hard and jutting out through the silk.

“Turn it off!” Seth yelled, throwing a pillow at her.

Ryan pushed his dick into the moaning teacher right before Summer turned off the screen.

“Did you know he was in this?” Seth demanded.

“What? How the fuck was I supposed to know that Ryan was a porn star? I didn’t know he had a python down there, Marissa never said anything about it…”

“God, she was probably traumatized,” Seth muttered.

“What about you? Did you know?” Summer asked.

“Hell, no. I mean, Ryan doesn’t say much about his past but this…this definitely should have been mentioned at some point.”

“You know, it might not be Ryan. There’s only one way to know for sure,” Summer said.

“What?” Seth asked.

“We need to see what’s in his pants,” Summer announced.

**** **** ****

Seth was totally against the mission, but Summer insisted that they needed tangible proof before confronting him. Tangible was not the best word she could’ve used. As if Seth didn’t feel inadequate enough, now his girlfriend had given him the job of trying to catch Ryan in the shower.

Seth knew that Ryan took his shower in the morning before he had his coffee so he waited in the kitchen until he saw Ryan’s shadow leave the bed and disappear.

He made sure his parents weren’t home before hurrying out to the poolhouse.

He could hear the shower running. He walked over and just for karma, knocked inaudibly on the door.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pushed open the door.

“Shit, Seth! What the fuck!” Ryan’s voice was pissed.

Seth opened his mouth to reply, but couldn’t stop looking at the purple-headed monster pointing at him from the shower.

He’d obviously interrupted Ryan’s private time.

“I swear to god, Seth…”

Seth bolted out of the poolhouse.

**** **** ****

“So? Did you see it?” Summer demanded.

“I’m not talking about this anymore,” Seth stated. He had a new bruise on his cheek that he didn’t have yesterday.

Summer was infuriated.

She had to know. “Cohen.”

“No, I won’t be a part of this. You’re obsessed with Ryan’s dick and I don’t have to stand for it. You should be obsessed with my dick,” Seth said.

“Oh, honey, I love you…I just want to know if Ryan’s a porn star…”

“I’m leaving,” Seth snapped, storming out of the room.

Well. She’d just have to find out for herself.

**** **** ****

“Slim pickings tonight,” Kirsten said, walking into the bedroom. “But the boys are both out for the night, or at least for the next couple of hours. And the salesclerk said that this one was really hot.”

“You asked the salesgirl?” Sandy asked, surprised.

Kirsten shrugged and smiled at him, seductive. “I wanted to get a good movie to make sure that you’d be in the mood.”

“You know I’m in the mood already, the porn’s just background music,” Sandy grinned, patting the bed beside him.

She put in the DVD and left the remote on top.

Kirsten stripped out of her sweats to reveal her curved body and black lingerie.

Sandy growled.

They ignored the movie, just kissing for a while and Kirsten glimpsed the screen of the TV and couldn’t tear her eyes away.

“What?” Sandy asked, confused.

“That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said, sitting up.

“Jesus Christ and Moses,” Sandy muttered.

Onscreen, the sculpted body of a carved Adonis was standing over two beautiful blondes who were taking turns licking and sucking on his massive cock.

“That’s good,” he grunted, thrusting into the older blonde’s mouth as the other sucked on his balls.

“He sounds kind of like…” Kirsten started.

And the screen filled with a close up of Ryan Atwood’s rapturous face.

“Oh my god…”

**** **** ****

Ryan didn’t know what was going on, but the Cohens were all acting weird.

When he’d gone into the kitchen this morning, Sandy had turned bright red and choked on his bagel before excusing himself in a rush.

Seth had barely spoken to him before mumbling something about eating more kosher and hurrying out of the kitchen.

And Kirsten kept looking at his crotch.

Ryan knew he should’ve put on underwear under his sweatpants before coming inside.

But still, there hadn’t been a stain and his danglies had behaved so he knew that she was acting weird.

When he got back to the poolhouse, he hesitated in the doorway. He’d left the lights on when he’d left.

He shrugged, thinking Rosa must have stopped by and closed the door behind him as he walked inside.

He glanced back and saw Summer standing behind the door, flipping the lock closed.

“I want to see it.”

“What?” Ryan coughed. Summer must be taking the hippie vitamins again.

“I want to see it,” Summer repeated, stepping forward determinedly on her high heels and jerking his sweatpants down and pushing him backwards onto the bed.

“What the fuck, Summer…” Ryan asked, stunned.

She was staring at his crotch intently.

“Summer, what the hell…” he said, grabbing a pillow and covering his danglies.

“You’re asking me? God, dude, you’re hung like a fucking elephant!” she said.


“You’ve got to let me try,” she said, climbing on the bed across his legs. She ran her fingernails down his thighs.

“Summer, no, what about Seth?”

“I will never fucking tell, and neither will you…but you have to let me try…”

“Try what?” Ryan asked. But his dick already knew.

She smiled and him and leaned over, licking the length of his dick with her rough, hot tongue. She spit on the head and stroked it roughly, making him grunt as his dick hardened automatically.

“This is a fucking challenge,” she snickered, sucking the head of his dick in her mouth.

She took more of his cock into her mouth and he gripped the sheets to keep from fucking her tight little mouth.

She moaned in frustration when the head of his dick hit the back of her throat and she had to let it out of her mouth so she could catch her breath.

“Summer…” he started.

“Shut up, I can totally do this, I was the best cocksucker in my freshman class,” she insisted. She pushed her hair back into a ponytail and squeezed his balls for luck before dropping her head onto his hard prick and taking him completely down her throat.

Ryan was in heaven for a few moments until Summer threw her head back and smiled at him, breathless.

“Give it a go,” she said.

“Fine, but…”

“No buts, this is between me and your cock,” Summer said.

**** **** ****

Sandy and Kirsten were determined to be a united front the next morning and talk about their questions with Ryan in a mature, open-minded and understanding manner.

So when he came inside and poured his cup of coffee and greeted them, Sandy spoke first.

“There’s something we need to talk to you about, kid.”

Ryan’s eyes flashed in confusion. “Okay.”

“You’re not in trouble…I mean, we can’t really punish you…but…” Kirsten stammered.

“Did you ever star in adult films?” Sandy blurted out.

“Porn,” Kirsten added. Then she blushed.

“Oh. Yeah, I did, a little,” Ryan said flatly.

“How old were you?” Sandy asked.

“I was sixteen, it was the summer I did construction. One of the guys noticed I had…certain attributes that could make me some quick cash. I had a fake id and they didn’t show my face on film,” Ryan shrugged, uncomfortably.

“Yes, they did,” Kirsten said.

Ryan glanced at her. “What? You watch porn?”

“That’s not the point, the point is…” Sandy started. “The point is that we should’ve known…”

“Okay. I did porn. Six movies. I made three grand a film and my mom took it all when she ditched me,” Ryan replied.


“So? Am I in trouble?” Ryan asked quietly.

“Do you want us to try and sue the company to get the films off the shelves?” Sandy asked.

“Not really, I mean, who’s really going to believe it’s me? Dick Pounder? Sorry,” Ryan smirked.

“Well. I guess we’ll forget all about this conversation,” Kirsten said. “Honey, let’s go.”

Sandy didn’t know why but he followed her out of the kitchen.

**** **** ****

Seth was hiding in his bedroom trying to forget the image of Ryan’s super-huge cock in the shower.


Seth opened his eyes and saw Ryan standing over him.

“Do you have something you want to ask me?” Ryan asked.

“What? No, I mean, what are you talking about?”

“I did porn. Okay? Will you talk to me now?”

Seth stared at him.

“Come on, man, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, it’s not exactly everyday conversation, you know?” Ryan said.

“Summer and I rented one of your movies by accident. The AfterSchool Special.”

Ryan’s face had a distant look for a moment.


“Mrs. Chaton was fucking hot,” Ryan replied.

“Dude…was it awesome?” Seth asked.

“Not really. Like, there was me and Mrs. Chaton and about fifteen other dudes standing around watching us get off. It was…weird. But profitable.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me,” Seth stated.

“I’m not bragging about it, dude,” Ryan shrugged.

But Seth thought it was definitely something to brag about.

**** **** ****

Ryan was coming out of Harbor on Monday afternoon when he recognized Holly Fisher standing beside the Rover.

“Ryan. Hey,” she said, licking her lips as she appraised him with her eyes.

“Holly? Do you even go to Harbor anymore?” Ryan asked. He hadn’t seen her in ages.

“No. But that doesn’t matter. Can we talk?” she asked.

“About what?” But his dick already knew.

“I go to boarding school now, down in Santa Barbara. It’s an all girls school and we…we get bored,” Holly pouted, pulling him close and putting her pouty lips up to his ear. “I saw your movies…I’d like to see if the camera really adds two inches,” she whispered, gripping his crotch and squeezing his dick appreciatively.

“Where?” he asked, putting his hand on her round, tight ass.

“My beach house. You drive.”

**** **** ****

Holly was a beautiful, willing, hot hot girl and she loved his cock.

She was on the edge of the bed, her face buried in the pillow as he filled her from behind.

He slapped her ass, watching the taut flesh ripple before pushing another inch of his cock into her pussy.

“Come on, fucker, give it all to me, fill me up…” Holly grunted, her hand between her legs fingering her clit determinedly.

He pushed into her with a satisfied grunt and began pistoning in and out of her slick channel, enjoying her moans and the way her pussy clenched around his dick.

“God, you’re huge…” Holly panted and began pushing her hips toward him.

He gripped her hips in his hands and used them to fuck her harder until she arched her back and screamed into the pillow.

She continued to pant as he quickened his pace inside her, trying to get her off again.

She put her hands over her tits and started pinching her nipples until her climax built again and he pushed into her completely, holding his huge dick inside as he came in a gush, stars flashing in his vision her pussy shuddered around his dick.

“Can I give you my number?” Holly mumbled through the pillow.

**** **** ****

Julie watched her daughter across the room. Summer was plucking cds from the rack against the wall. Marissa was staring into space. She tapped her finger on the table.

“Why are you staring at me?” Marissa asked finally, annoyed. Summer glanced between them.

Julie was trying honesty this week. “Word on the street is that your boyfriend has a monster in his pants.”

“What?” Marissa gasped. “God, mom, wasn’t Luke enough for you?”

Julie scoffed. “Luke was a boy playing dress up. But come on, woman to woman…”

“I’m done talking to you,” Marissa said. “Come on, Summer.”

Marissa stormed out of the trailer but Summer lagged behind, red-faced.

Julie could tell that the girl knew something. She leaned forward. “Woman to woman…”

“It’s a monster,” Summer whispered before darting from the trailer.

Julie tapped her finger on the table.

**** **** ****

Ryan was reconsidering his decision to leave his movies on the shelf.

His dick was sore from all the attention he was getting.

But he wasn’t tired of it. Holly had taken three days off school and had promised not to give up until she could reach Summer’s prize of taking his dick completely down her throat.

And two different teachers had given him extra credit in the nurse’s office.

So he wasn’t entirely surprised to see Julie Cooper sitting cross-legged on his bed in red lingerie.

He locked the door. The shades were already down.

“So, it’s finally down to you and me.”

“Luke said you were a lousy lay,” Ryan said gruffly, lying.

Julie’s eyes flashed. “He’s a liar.”

“Seems like you might have to prove it.”

She pushed her red lips out into a pout and then straightened her back out to show her impressive tits.

“Come over here.”

She started to stand up but he shook his head.


Julie Cooper got onto her knees and crawled across the carpet to kneel at his feet, her perfect ass teasing him with its flimsy thong.

“Show me what you can do, use your mouth.”

Julie held eye contact as she took his zipper in her teeth and tugged it down. His dick was already painfully hard and sprang out to land against her cheek when she tugged the flaps down.

Julie’s eyes bulged in surprised from the size of his dick.

“You’re boring me,” he muttered.

She started to lick his prick, sucking the head and squeezing the shaft, barely able to wrap her hand around his girth.

“No hands,” he instructed.

She was a good cocksucker and she took him deep, looking up at him desperately as she held her hands behind her back.

Ryan put his hands on her head and began to use her mouth to pleasure himself, fucking it deeply and roughly.

Julie was moaning around his cock.

“Touch yourself,” he said.

She gratefully buried her fingers in her cunt as he continued to fuck her mouth.

He pushed her back and fisted his dick.

He wanted to enjoy this.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please,” Julie said, spreading her legs and sprawling across the carpet.

“You’re desperate. I don’t need a pity fuck. You have to convince me,” he said.

She threw her head back and started rubbing her nipples through the bra and pushing her fingers against her clit. “Please, Ryan, please, fuck me with that big dick, fill me up, god, please, give it to me, make me cum…”

Ryan’s dick had never been this hard and he was quick with the condom before putting his hand on her back and raising her off the floor so he could thrust his dick inside her spasming cunt.

She cried out immediately, his full size inside her bringing her to full orgasm.

He pulled her breasts out of the bra and let them rest on top of the garment and he sucked on her dark, hard nipples and pounded inside her.

She wrapped her legs around his ass to take him deeper and the way she was grinding and thrusting her hips was putting pressure on all the right spots.

“I want to see you cum,” Julie said, panting hard.

He pulled his dick out of her, almost ready to explode and stripped off the condom.

He unhooked the bra and pushed her round breasts together before sliding his huge cock between them, fucking her breasts.

She put her hands under his, holding her tits together as he pushed the head between them, her sweat making it slick and erotic.

He took a deep breath and then let go, his thick creamy cum coating her chest and face as his balls contracted.

She licked the cum off her lips, her green eyes dark and sated.

**** **** ****

Marissa couldn’t figure out why everyone was snickering at her today.

“What the fuck is your problem?” she finally snarled at one of Taylor Townsend’s cronies.

The girl laughed, throwing her head back. “Stupid ignorant bitch,” she said, walking away.

“Summer,” Marissa stopped her friend at her locker. “What is going on?”

“What? On? Nothing, nothing’s going on,” Summer said, blushing.

“No, Sum, tell me. Everybody’s whispering about me, and that girl just called me an ignorant bitch,” Marissa demanded. She ignored the amens from the passerbys in the hallway.

“I think you should be honest with me, first. Did you sleep with Ryan?”

“What?” Marissa asked, confused.

“Tell me the truth, Coop,” Summer said, staring her down.

“Sort of…I mean, he got me off and then…I fell asleep. So technically…”

“You’re such a flake, Coop,” Summer giggled. “Anyway, just…ignore them. They’ll get over it.”

Their third period French teacher walked by with her pantyhose hanging out of her purse, fumbling with her hair. Summer stared at her.

“Sum…” Marissa whined.

“Done with this conversation,” Summer said suddenly, snapping her fingers and walking away.

**** **** ****

Ryan was not amused when Seth handed him a ‘Not For Sale’ sign at lunch.

But he did consider wearing it.

The videos had been released to the masses and it was only a matter of time before Dr. Kim confiscated one and called the Cohens. That would not be good.

Holly and Summer and the teachers and Julie Fucking Cooper had tested his stamina and recovery time.

And he hadn’t even fucked anyone today.

But he’d had offers. And the French teacher gave a decent hand job.

Women were so curious in Newport.

He got a text message after school from Kirsten asking that he meet her at the club to help her set up an event. Seth and Summer were off to have ‘private time’ and he had the Rover so he went straight there before Holly or anyone else could catch up with him.

He didn’t see Kirsten’s car in the parking lot but the text had told him to meet her in the volunteer office.

“Ryan, right on time,” Taryn said from behind the desk.

“Excuse me?”

“Kirsten couldn’t meet you after all, she asked me to fill in,” the woman said, walking over and closing the door. She turned and put her hands on his shoulders, moving them down his arms to squeeze his biceps. “But I thought we could talk about something else.”

“Really, like what?” Ryan asked. But his dick knew.

“I think you know,” she grinned, grabbing his crotch firmly and squeezing his swelling cock through his jeans.

“I doubt Kirsten would approve,” Ryan muttered, his common sense making one last flail at saving himself.

“Kirsten will *never* know,” Taryn nodded, unzipping his jeans and slipping her hand into his pants so she could squeeze his cock.

“Fine,” he said, stripping her out of her blouse quickly and freeing her breasts.

“I knew you were a stud the first time I saw you,” she said, pushing him backwards to lie down on the desk.

She didn’t suck his dick, preferring to lick it and jack him with her hands before sveltely climbing onto the desk and lowering her dripping cunt onto his cock.

She gasped when the head of his cock pushed into her pussy and she was panting by the time she had taken him completely inside.

Taryn leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth. “Your cock is really massive, kid…”

“Why don’t you show me what you can do with it?” he asked, bucking his hips to push his dick deeper inside of her.

Taryn licked her lips before lowering her head again to kiss him as she started to ride his cock, slowly to become accustomed to his size.

Ryan had never been good at the slow and easy and after several minutes of her lazy circles with her hips, he grabbed her by the waist and began to fuck her in earnest, his arousal rising with ever gasp from her lips.

“You really should get paid for this,” Taryn panted, gasping every time he pushed into her.

“I’m not a hooker,” Ryan grunted, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy.

She rocked back, bracing herself on his chest and began riding his dick, surprising him with her enthusiasm.

“That’s the spot, god,” she groaned suddenly, holding the angle as he pounded upwards into her.

It didn’t take long for her to climax, but Ryan’s dick was still fully hard and he was glad that she stayed on top of him and let him finish pumping into her until he got off.

“Thanks,” Taryn grinned, climbing off and pulling her skirt back down. “Would you be interested in making this a regular thing?”

Ryan cleaned up and tucked himself back in before looking at her. “With all due respect, Kirsten would kill us both.”

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Taryn replied.

“Yeah, but it might hurt me,” Ryan replied. “And don’t text me anymore like this, Taryn.”

She pouted. “I guess I’ll have to take what I can get. But…at least think about it,” she said, holding out a business card. “We have special parties about twice a month, if you’re interested in coming out to play. And everything’s strictly discreet,” she added.

Ryan tucked the card into his pocket and returned the kiss. She was a good kisser.

“Let me know if you think I can get another ride on the monster,” she giggled.

Ryan just shook his head.

**** **** ****

Taylor Townsend tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her newly assigned study partner to arrive.

Granted, he didn’t even know that he was her new study partner, or that they had a meeting, but that didn’t matter. Punctuality meant a lot.

So when Ryan walked into the poolhouse with his muscles rippling under his shirt, she pointed her pen at him. “You’re late.”

“You’re in my poolhouse,” he replied. “Why?”

“Because you’re my new study partner for AP chemistry. Here’s the memo,” she said, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward on his bed to pass him the note.

He scanned it with his blue bedroom eyes before tossing it aside. “Are you serious?”

He was standing in front of her and her gaze immediately fell on his crotch. She knew what secrets he was hiding in those jeans.

“Taylor? My face is up here,” Ryan said, clearing his throat.

“Sorry. Yes, I’m serious. Mr. Dennis always assigns study partners before the mid-term because they’re so difficult. You don’t have a problem with being my partner, do you?”

“No, I mean…”

“Because I can think of lots of things that we can study,” she said, standing up and cupping his crotch with her hand. She leaned close to him so she could inhale his scent and whispered in his ear. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Really?” he asked and she felt his massive bulge grow into her hand.

“Yup. Definitely,” she replied. “So? Can I lock the door so we can get some studying done?”

“I’ll do it,” he said, turning around and locking the door and lowering the raised blinds.

She was already naked when he turned back around and she was twisting her hair into a ponytail.

“Damn, you weren’t wasting any time, were you?” Ryan chuckled.

“Get it out, let’s see what all the fuss is about,” Taylor said.

Ryan didn’t need any more encouragement, he admired Taylor’s body, his gaze lingering on her round, full breasts and neatly shaven mound as he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his jeans.

“Wow, that is impressive,” Taylor said.

Ryan gripped his dick in his hand and looked at her. “What did you say about making it worth your while?”

Taylor smiled. She picked up the pen from the bed and placed her notebook on the corner of the mattress. She was aware of him watching her, curious, as she methodically pushed the end of the pen into her pussy, leaving the tip exposed. She crouched over the notebook and proceeded to write what she was going to do to Ryan with the pen. When she was done concentrating, she pulled the pen out and looked at him before tossing it into his trash bin.

Ryan was gripping his cock in his fist, stroking it slowly, awed as she held out the paper. He blushed. “Wow…I don’t even know what to say…”

“Told you. Now. Study?” she asked, lying down on the bed.

Ryan surprised her by dropping to his knees and burying his face in her crotch, his tongue probing her cunt.

She clenched her pussy around his tongue and he laughed, his voice sending ripples of arousal through her body.

“This is great and all, but I’d really like to get to the fucking soon,” she moaned, rubbing her nipples. She needed to get off. And as good as Ryan’s tongue was, she knew his dick would be better.

“You sure?” he asked, raising up to hold himself over her so she could kiss her juices off his lips.

“I’m positive, Ryan,” she started and then he pushed his massive dick into her opening and she climaxed before he was completely inside.

“Um…” he started, realizing that she’d already come.

“You can get me off again…I have faith in your danglies,” she said, pulling his face to hers again as she clenched her muscles to squeeze his dick.

She smiled when she heard him growl, deep in his throat from her ‘special talent’ and she continued flexing her muscles ‘down there’ to keep his huge dick happy and try to make him hit the spots that made her moan.

He started pounding into her, suckling on her nipples and rubbing her clit with his finger. “How’s this spot?” he asked, when she started to mew out in ecstasy from the combination.

“That’s it…give it to me,” she groaned, pushing her breasts out as she arched her back and tried to take more of him inside. He redoubled his efforts, pistoning in and out of her slick channel as he grunted with the exertion.

“I’m almost there,” she said, crossing her ankles about his perfect ass and holding him against her. “Get me off…”

“I thought you were supposed to get me off,” Ryan laughed, kissing her mouth when he pushed into her for the final time and exploded, bringing her to her second orgasm.

“That’s nice,” she said when he collapsed on top of her. She put her arms around him, feeling his dick deflate inside of her, and leaned her head on his shoulder. “I learned lots.”

“We’ll ace the mid-term at this rate,” he chuckled.
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loracjloracj on March 15th, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)
Of course all the women in town would want him - especially once they heard of the gargantuan penis - we all do, don't we?
Perfect for bedtime reading ;)
Katkatwoman76 on March 15th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
*worshipping Brandy*
beachtreebeachtree on March 15th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
As creepy as Summer and Seth watching Ryan is, it's Sandy and Kirsten that's just, well, ew! Taryn would have to get a piece. Seth would have to see. Freak. And Julie on her knees crawling? Priceless. As for Dr. Kim... this is NOT a matter for the board.
SG22: IDDay_dareyou_mesoutherngirl22 on March 15th, 2006 02:53 am (UTC)
Whoa! I always knew he had a monster down there!!
That was terrific! I'm tired just reading it. I loved the way that Ryan was so nonchalant about it all. Yeah, I was a porn star. And he never turned anyone down. I know he was a generous guy...

Mmonnie44 on March 15th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)
*copies katwoman*
Cheekycheekymice on March 15th, 2006 03:51 am (UTC)
Pornstar!Ryan! I can just picture that happening.

Laughed out loud at all the attention he got with his 'monster'.

Hot, hot, hot.

"worships Brandy along with everyone else*
60schic60schic on March 15th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)
Oh my Lord....I'm tired and sore just thinking about it. Does this make Ryan Newport's Community Body?

“Taylor? My face is up here,” Ryan said, clearing his throat.---yeah, Ryan; welcome to our world!

"That's nice...I learned lots." - you're too much, brandy! Happy Danglie Day to us.
emrose33emrose33 on March 15th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Wonderful Danglies fic, brandy, thanks.
Miss you.
dogsbody01 on March 18th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)
He is so screwed!In more ways than one!
mel39: strippermel39 on March 19th, 2006 08:32 pm (UTC)
Julie was trying honesty this week. “Word on the street is that your boyfriend has a monster in his pants.”

“What?” Marissa gasped. “God, mom, wasn’t Luke enough for you?”

Julie scoffed. “Luke was a boy playing dress up. But come on, woman to woman…”

“I’m done talking to you,” Marissa said. “Come on, Summer.”

Marissa stormed out of the trailer but Summer lagged behind, red-faced.

Julie could tell that the girl knew something. She leaned forward. “Woman to woman…”

“It’s a monster,” Summer whispered before darting from the trailer.

This bit, and a lot of other parts, had me in stitches, humor and hotness together is great Brandy!