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15 March 2006 @ 12:55 am
Brandywine421's second Danglies Day offering: Wednesdays  
Yes, she might be on hiatus, but our Brandy isn't skimping on the Danglie worship. This one is rather dirtier than the last one (yes, it is possible). It features a new outing for puppy!Ryan and his dominatrix fetish.

Author: brandywine421
Pairing: Ryan/Taylor/Summer
Warning: dirty dirty BDSM
Rating: NC-17 +
Disclaimer: We are merely borrowing the property of Fox and doing really naughty stuff with it. Don't sue us!


Ryan was in position when he heard the door close to his Mistress’ dungeon.

He was completely naked, his hands cuffed behind his back and the collar around his neck. He was holding his leash between his teeth.

His dick was already hard and stiff.

He didn’t know why Taylor dominating him made him so hard, but he didn’t think he could stop.

He didn’t look up when he heard the clicking of the heels across the floor.

“Your Mistress asked that I start your session today.”

Ryan recognized Summer’s voice.

“Lick my boots, puppy,” she said.

He leaned forward and began licking her leather boots. They were clean and tasted faintly of candy.

“I don’t think your Mistress has been punishing you enough. I think she’s been letting you cum when you don’t deserve it,” Summer said, trailing a whip across his bare back.

She pulled his leash then, jerking him across the room to the straps.

She chained his ankles spread apart and his hands over his head.

She walked in front of him, holding a whip in her hands. “You get to watch for the first part. But let’s get you ready, first.” She put a ball gag in his mouth and then pushed the thick dildo into his ass with the tail at the end of it.

It pushed against his prostate and his dick pulsed between his legs, desperate for release and dripping precum.

“Naughty puppy,” Summer clucked. “Taylor! Get in here and see what a naughty puppy you have!”

Ryan was startled to see his mistress crawl into the room. She had a gag strapped in her mouth and a strange harness holding dildos in her cunt and ass.

“See, in order to be a good mistress, you have to know how to be a good slave,” Summer said, clamping Ryan’s nipples with a smile.

Taylor knelt at Summer’s feet, nuzzling her head against her boots, pleading.

“We’re going to play a game, puppies and kittens,” Summer said. “Slave Taylor, you’re going to suck this puppy’s dick and try to make him come. I’m going to fuck him from behind,” she said, stepping in front of him with a strap-on around her waist. “And if he comes, I’m going to punish you both.”

Summer took the gag out of Taylor’s mouth and Ryan was stricken to see that it was shaped like a cock before Summer pushed it into his mouth.

Taylor immediately sucked Ryan’s full length into her mouth and he groaned around the rubber cock, overcome with pleasure.

Summer was quick and hard with her first thrust, the dildo filling his ass as Taylor redoubled her tongue’s ministrations around his dick.

“Suck that cock, slut, suck it like you want it,” Summer grunted, using all her strength to fuck Ryan’s ass.

Ryan zoned out, his eyes rolling back in his head as he struggled not to collapse against the cuffs as Taylor pistoned her mouth on and off his cock.

Summer was breathless finally and pulled the dick out of his ass. “Okay, slut, stop sucking,” she said.

Ryan’s dick was still rock hard and dripping from Taylor’s hard work.

“I’m impressed,” Summer said, slapping his ass with the whip before releasing him and letting him rest on his knees.

“Please,” he said. “Can I cum?”

“Slave Taylor, lick my pussy while the puppy fucks your ass.”

Ryan loved his Mistress’ ass and pulled the harness off and emptied her holes for only a moment before thrusting his dick inside her tight hole when she lowered her mouth to Summer’s clit.

“You can come Puppy, when I come,” Summer said, holding Taylor’s head against her crotch.

Taylor was thrusting her ass back at Ryan’s cock and he pounded into her, grunting to stay focused on not losing control.

Summer cried out in orgasm and Ryan buried his cock in Taylor’s ass and emptied his balls, grunting as his hot cum filled her up.

“Clean up the Puppy,” Summer ordered, pushing Taylor’s head back.

Taylor’s eyes were glazed with lust as she licked the juices and lube off Ryan’s cock and balls.

“I want to watch you fuck like the dirty little sluts that you are,” Summer said, sprawled across the couch and pinching her nipples absently, still glowing from her recent climax.

Taylor immediately straddled his semi-hard dick and slipped it inside her wet cunt.

She kissed him, sucking on his tongue erotically as he squeezed her full breasts and tried to push his cock deeper inside her as it hardened and filled her completely.

They fucked like animals, kissing and biting and grunting, he’d push his hips up and she’d forced her ass down, her cunt squeezing and rippling around his thick cock as they fucked.

“Put her legs on your shoulders, really fuck her,” Summer instructed, fucking herself with the dildo.

Ryan gripped her legs in his hands, pistoning his dick in and out of her pussy as he rearranged her legs so he had a better position for deep penetration.

Taylor had her hands against the floor, working hard as she pushed her cunt at him forcefully and he pounded into her, hitting a spot inside her that made her shudder with a scream.

“You can come, Puppy, give your mistress your cum,” Summer said.

Ryan pulled out with a groan as Taylor leaned forward to take his dick into her mouth.

He grunted as his orgasm filled her mouth and shuddered again when he saw her throat contract to swallow his load.

“All right, slut puppies. Slave Taylor, come over here and suck on my clit. Puppy, put your tail in and suck on my nipples until I get off,” Summer said.

Taylor immediately crawled over to Summer’s spot and started licking her pussy.

Ryan pushed the dildo tail into his ass and climbed to straddle Summer’s waist, his cock lying on her taut stomach as he sucked her nipples into his mouth, nibbling them with his teeth as he squeezed her mounds with his hands.

“I love Wednesdays,” Summer moaned, slapping Ryan’s sore ass as she clamped her legs around Taylor’s gifted head.
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Mmonnie44 on March 15th, 2006 03:16 am (UTC)
"I love Wednesdays" Heeeeee.