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03 May 2006 @ 09:50 am
monnie44 and guest_age have come up with a rather splendid idea. I love them both for keeping the torch aloft. *mwah*


Mini-Danglies Day ~ 18th May 2006.

So get excited again. Ignore the doubters and the just plain ol' superior killjoys. Prepare to worship the danglies again. And yes...that IS how it's spelt. I decree it.

I will be using this day to announce the loyal subjects who I feel did such a service to the first I.D Day. There will be first, second and third prizes for the people I deem to have shown the most dedication to the day.

The date has been chosen to distract us all from the end of the season. How will we live without seeing Ben's clothed package every week!!

Vive La Danglies. Long live the cock!


Queen of the Groin Patrol

Danglie Central.